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Composition : Brucinum 3x, Bryonia 3x, Aconite 3x.

Dosage : In Acute stage, Aduts 2 tab., Children 1 tab. every 2 hourly, then 4 hourly till cure.

Disease : POLIOMYELITIS Infantile Paralysis.

Symptoms : An acute infectious disease caused by neurotropic enterovirus. The virus invades the anterior horncells of spinal cord and medulla, producing paralysis. Clinical Features.
(1) High grade fever 103o-104oF which subsides in 2 to 5 days, rises again with onset of paralysis.
(2) Severe muscular pain or fasciculations, tenderness, Headache, stiffness of the joints of the neck, back, maximal, within 24 hours.
(3) Followed by partial or complete paralysis of one arm or leg or all the 4 limbs. Sometimes associated with paralysis of the throat and larynx.

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