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Composition : Aconite 3x, Belladonna 3x, Bryonia 3x, Gelsemium 3x, Phosphorus 3x, Spongia 3x.

Dosage : Adults 2 tab., Children 1 tab. 3-4 hourly.

Disease : CROUP

Symptoms : Croup, Shooting pain in chest, coughing, spitting of blood. Cough worse from dry, cold winds. Short breath, oppression of the chest. Great soreness of the larynx, cough dry, short and sometimes convulsive, irregular respiration, breathing quick and difficult caused by stitches in chest, continued inclination to draw long breath, dry cough with soreness of chest and fluent coryza difficult deglutition. Paralysis of the glottis and lungs, Suffocation, Hoarseness and scraping in the throat, aphonia, unable to speak, cough excited by a tickling in chest, Pneumonia, Expectoration of mucus purulent and sometimes frothy pale red and rust colour. Difficult respiration loud with hollow voice and without rattling sound or any looseness of cough. Asthma spasmodic and constrictive pain in whole chest.

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