Hair vitalizer


Composition Jaborandi: Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius. A South Ameri
Packing 100ML, 450ML
Dose Arnica Hair Vitaliser is a Homoeopathic Hair Tonic for external use to strengthen and enrich each hair shafts to the tips and give nourishment to the hair bulbs to stimulate the hair growth and prevent prematures whitening and falling of hairs
Symptomes A Hair Vitaliser Tonic useful against dry scalp, dandruff, split hair, premature greyness, falling of hair and Baldness.

Internal: Biochemic Combination Plus 34

Composition Cal Phos 3x: A vital salt for formation of new cel
Dose 1-2 ml Arnica Hair Vitaliser to be applied to the hair roots before bath or at bed time, massage gently for 5-10 minutes with fingers using, gentle pressure on the scalp for adequate blood circulation to the hair roots
Symptomes Plus 34 Biochemic combination helps to convey Oxygen to the cells of scalp and inorganic salt tissues to improve vital force increase peripheral blood circulation and nourishment to check and prevent premature whitening and falling of hair. Your hair look and feel so Much healthier than before. Long, thick black, lustrous, actually sheen of youthful vigour.


Composition Pi;ocarpus Q, Arnica Montana Q, Cinchona Officinal
Packing 30 ml
Dose A Concentrated Jaborand Hair Oil Lotion to be applied on the affected areas by putting few drops and gentle rub with the finger tips.
Symptomes An non sticky, non staining Hair Lotion to stimulate the hair follicles, enrich hair bulbs and nourish hair shafts, increases capillary circulation of the scalp to help in restoration of fallen hair. Prevents hair falling and premature whitening of hair.
Description Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius: A south American tree been extensively used in the treatment of Alopecia (Baldness) and to stains light hair into black. The Alkaloid Pilocarpine increases the blood capillary circulation of the scalp, helps in restoration of hair and prevents falling of hair. Arnica Montana: Grows on mountains, possess a native affinity for hair. As its German name FALLKRAUT attests its value as a vulnerary, has been known since remote times. Cinchona Officinalis: Scalp dry, feels as if the hair was grasped roughly, hair break with follicle in plethoric individuals, broken down constitution with Cachexia. Cantharis: Active ingredient – Cantharidine, stimulates Sebaceous glands, increases capillary blood circulation to provide rich blood round sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Calendulla Officinalis: Marigold is the homoeopathic antiseptic, antifungal, antiseborrhic. It restors the vitality of the scalp making it impregnable against the forces of putrefaction.

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