HASLAB, a Leading Homeopathy Company, Provide High-Quality Healthcare and Wellness Solutions to all its Customers


Established in 1962 by Dr. K.B Rastogi, Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory India Pvt Ltd (HASLAB) is a GMP certified company. It aims to promote homeopathy amongst the masses and provide the benefits of this proven science to mankind. Today, HASLAB has two manufacturing units in Lucknow, U.P, to cater to the everincreasing demand for homeopathic medicines, adopting the latest technical know-how and strictly adhering to the established principles and guidelines laid down for GMP under schedule M1 of the Drugs and cosmetic act 1962. 

The company has a well-equipped analytical laboratory where all the raw materials including herbs are identified before taking into production. To make HASLAB a success Late Dr. K.B. Rastogi was well supported by his son Dr. V. K. Rastogi, MBBS, DTCD, MF Hom (London) who played a pivotal role in creating a niche in the homeopathic world. Later on, he was joined by his son Mr. Amit Rastogi B.Com, MITM (Australia) who brought in technological advancements and systems to enhance the production of world-class medicines to serve mankind. 

“HASLAB believes in the philosophy of “live life without side effects”. We have an excellent team of hard-working employees and they are the biggest strength of my company. Being in the medical field for more than 60 years, we are now trusted by 10 crore people in India and the products that we offer are 100% natural and can be safely consumed by everyone. We also have a dedicated team of medical experts, who have taken a pledge to deliver world-class health care solutions to you and your family,” says Amit Rastogi, Director, HASLAB. “Health is Wealth”. He personally believes that more and more priority needs to be given to personal healthcare. To meet people’s increasing needs for reliable services, the healthcare industry has been looking for different ways to use the resources effectively. Therefore, providing high-quality, healthcare and wellness solutions is their ultimate goal for the company. The company believes in bringing healthcare closer to conventional medicine by focusing on extensive research and innovation. “All our medicines and products are 100% safe and natural and without any side-effects. It is absolutely safe for children and adults. To live stress-free in today’s hectic and modern lifestyle we assure your family of delivering world-class healthcare services,” he says. 

Challenges and Opportunities

There were many challenges faced by the company. “To convince people about the positive results of Homeopathic treatment had been one of the most cumbersome challenges that I ever faced,” he says. “However, the biggest challenge that I had to overcome was between combination remedies v/s single remedies.  

Combination remedies are those that are meant to address multiple symptoms in a single formula while single remedies are those that are more targeted. The single remedies have to provided by a skilled Homoeopath having vast experience and knowledge of the system. However, HASLAB took the lead and went in to promote combination remedies which come into action to be used by a common man where the medical help is at distant reach.

Secondly, there have been a number of myths pertaining to the homeopathy and busting these myths has been the most difficult challenge that we had to face. Some common myths that people believe in are:

  • Homeopathic medicines are placebos
  • Homeopathic medicines contain steroids and heavy metals
  • Homeopathic medicines act slowly

To bust these myths and make people believe in the power of homeopathic medicines has been quite challenging,” he explains. Amit Rastogi faced a lot of struggles during his journey but he never gave up. He worked hard and learned from his mistakes. “I like to maintain a consistent level of productivity and take both my success and failures in stride. I try to learn from both and apply that knowledge to future situations,” he says.

Technology Driven World

Today, the entire world is driven by technology and in today’s competitive world technology can be leveraged in smarter and more effective ways to improve the performance and flexibility of employees. 

The company promotes a team-based learning environment so that the employees can spend more time with each staff member and gain a thoughtful insight into the valuable contributions of each team member. 

“Being socially responsible can strengthen both a company’s brand and image. We have a team of dedicated medical experts who have been working hard and carrying out extensive research and development to provide the best quality products to the consumers without any side effects, asserts Amit.” 

He is a member of the Sub Committee of Ayush under the chairmanship of the secretary (Ayush) for suggesting the amendments in the Drugs and Cosmetic Act. HASLAB has always believed in serving the patients and their families, with dignity and respect. To improve the health infrastructure of the state, they conduct extensive research that has led to major improvements in health care and health status for all. In fact, HASLAB is the first Homeopathic Indian brand that launched its first mobile application, “Dr. HASLAB” which comes as an expansion of digital health technologies and increasing efforts by medical practitioners to extend patient experience and loyalty. 

Even in these stressful times, you can opt for online medical consultation and check-ups via smartphone. This is just the beginning of health technology in India.

Leadership Qualities

Covid-19 has created havoc all around the world. To add to the misery of people, there were job losses. However, as a responsible leader Amit Rastogi ensured that there was no lay-off in the company during these difficult times. Moreover, he has always believed in empowering the women of our society. And, he has always provided the best opportunities and jobs to women of Lucknow. 

He believes in a genuine team-based environment and says “social time is essential for creative thinking within the organization. We provide employees with an opportunity to interact with colleagues from different departments and gain an informed understanding of the company. This sparks creativity and pave way for ideas to flow freely across the organization.” 

According to him, employees are the most important resource for generating creative ideas. Since they are close to the processes, products, and customers, and they know them the best. Hence, they are able to identify potential for improvement and innovation. Talking about the biggest factor that has helped him become successful, he says, “A heart-felt gratitude is what I would like to show towards my family, our dealer fraternity, and the employees of the company who have helped us achieve great heights and success. Also, I would like to thank my Entrepreneurs Organisation Forum Buddies “VIKINGS” for their endless support and commitment towards work. They have played a crucial part in the success and have been a guiding star to me.”

​​There are some key ingredients that helped him to get where he is today are:  

  • An undying passion  
  • Patience  
  • Hard-Work

 “And I would like to tell all the people who want to set off in a similar direction is “Let failure not scare you”. Never doubt your capabilities and worth,” he says. He further adds, “Never compare yourself with anyone because this will only lower down your self-esteem and morale. Always be your own competitor. Be patient and stay strong!”

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