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Eyes are the most precious part of our body because only with the help of eyes can we see the whole world.

That’s why we should always take care of our eyes, but most of the people ignore the problems in the eyes and later they have to bear the serious consequences of it. We will discuss in this article about homeopathic eye drops.


There is a transparent membrane in our eyes called conjunctiva which covers the inner part of our eyelids and the white part of the pupil of our eyes. If there is any kind of infection or inflammation in this, then it is called conjunctivitis.

When the blood vessels present in the conjunctiva become swollen, they become clearly visible and the white part of our eyes appears red or pink in colour which we also call pink eye.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by an eye infection or an allergic reaction.

It is an infectious disease that can spread from person to person. It is very important to treat it as soon as possible.

Causes Of Conjunctivitis :-

In young children, conjunctivitis is caused by clogging of the tear duct, and in others, conjunctivitis is caused by infection, allergies, and exposure to chemicals.

Viral conjunctivitis :-

Viral conjunctivitis is mostly caused by adenovirus, besides herpes simplex virus, varicella zoster virus and other viruses.

Viral conjunctivitis often occurs in one eye and gradually spreads to the other eye.

Bacterial conjunctivitis: – When conjunctivitis occurs due to contact with a bacteria, it is called bacterial conjunctivitis. If you come in contact with an infected person then it can happen to you too.

Allergic conjunctivitis:– We can get allergic conjunctivitis by coming in contact with objects that cause allergies.

Because of chemicals: – Usually when our eyes come in contact with any chemical, then after that symptoms of conjunctivitis can start appearing.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis :-

The symptoms of conjunctivitis are as follows:

  • reddening of eyes
  • itchy eyes
  • excessive tearing
  • thick watery discharge from the eyes
  • swollen eyes

How to prevent the spread of infection:-

  • don’t touch eyes with hands
  • keep washing your hands
  • Keep your things like towels, pillows, bedsheets, etc. clean and tidy and do not let anyone else use them.
  • Keep your eyes out of the sun.

Homeopathy Treatment Of Conjunctivitis

We can use medicines made from homeopathy because medicines made from homeopathy are naturally made, they do not have any harmful side effects. Homeopathic medicine can eliminate it from the root. Homeopathic medicines are cheap and effective.

Best Homeopathic Eye Drops For Eyes Problems :-

If you want to cure your conjunctivitis with homeopathic medicine then you can use Mamira eye drops which is best homeopathic eye drops. It is one of the best homeopathic medicine for eyes which can be used to remove your eye problem.

If you are suffering from eye disease like Cataract, Inflammatory then you can take CINERARIA MARITIMA (NON ALCOHOLIC) . This is very effective homeopathic Eye Drop.

homeopathic eye drops
Homeopathic eye drops

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