HSL India Wins ET Iconic Brand for Year 2019-20

Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (India) Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as HSL (India) wins Economic Times Iconic Brand for the year 2019-20. As a yearly ritual, Economic Times brings together the most iconic brands that have gained traction not just in India but also globally for their track record of excellence, in the process carving out a distinct identity that resonated with audiences.ET Iconic Brands, started in 2017 as an endeavour to recognize successful brands of Indian origin.

HSL (India), is a GMP certified company and was established in 1962 by Dr K.B. Rastogi with an aim of promoting homeopathy among masses and providing benefits of this proven science to the mankind.

Aligning itself to the vision of its founding father, HSL (India) has always strived to meet the health needs by providing high quality, sustainable healthcare and wellness Solutions to one and all. In the world of allopathic medicines where its side effects are ample, this brand has strived to provide a life without side effects and thus there is no two ways about its nomination for iconic brands awards.

In its endeavour to provide a healthy and ailment free life, HSL (India) adopts the latest technical knowhow and guidelines laid by Dr Samuel Hahnemann to cater to its masses. HSL (India) has well-equipped analytical laboratory and all the herbs used for medication are identified by a qualified team. Dr Rastogi, with his many breakthrough innovations in the homeopathy world has created medicines to create a niche for HSL (India) in medicines. HSL (India) also has a rich and experienced team of highly qualified doctors and all the medicines are curated under their supervision.

With the speculated CAGR of 14.60%, the global homeopathy market is anticipated to reach USD 31,459.6 Million by 2023. The scope for growth is immense and India can tap a major market share in it. HSL(India), with its current customer base in millions and homeopathic assortment of over hundred medicines in tonics, eye drops, oral drops, tablets, gels, ointments, hair oils and pain oil has a wide scope of expansion. With the increase in health awareness and fitness among the masses a sturdy drift from allelopathy is being observed and this can provide a golden opportunity for homeopathy to expand.HSL(India), with their sustainable and effective medication can surely capitalise on the opportunity and emerge as one of the strongest and most popular Indian homeopathic brands in the coming years.

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