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Composition : Phosphorus 3x, Calcarea carb 3x, Thuja 3x, Phytolacca 2x. Dosage : Adulsts 20-30 Drops, Obese children 10-15 Drops in ½ cup water twice daily before meals. Disease : FAT REDUCER Symptoms : Fatoline Drops helps to loose the excess fats from Bumps & Dumps. Obese have BMI greater than 30. Sedentary life style with rich diet, fast food, excessive consumption, metabolic disorders results in extra fats deposition. This can be managed by - Exercise, 5-40 min sessions per week - Healthy eating encluding 5 portions of Fruits and vegatable a day with max. 1000 calories Fatoline Drops - along with exercise acts on CNS to monitor activity of hypothalamus.. Thus Liver and Gall Bladder to act on Fat Metabolism to dissolve the fats & Lipids stored in the body without producing weakness.



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