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Composition : Crataegus 1x, Cactus 1x, Strophanthus 1x, Adonis 1x, Convallaria 1x. Dosage : 5 to 10 drops in little water 3-4 times aday, inacute stage may be repeated at 10 minutes interval. Disease : LOW BP Symptoms : Paroxysmal Pericardial pain which radiates towards neck and left shoulder, sense of choking, strangling and heaviness, marked sweating, exertional dyspnoea, palpitation, may be shock. B.P. Low Hypotensive symptoms, inclusive of orthostatic circulation. Vaso and cardiotonic, circulation trouble from nicotine abuse. Crustaceous and calcareous deposits in arteries (Atherosclerosis).


Composition : Crataegus 3x, Cactus g. 3x, Spigelia 3x, Amyl Nit. 3x. Dosage : 1 to 2 tab. every 10-15 mts. 3-4 times till pain relieves, later 3-4 times a day as per need. Disease : ANGINAL PAIN Symptoms : Anginal Pain with high blood pressure, constriction feeling at heart as if from an iron band wish to hold & grasp the heart, dyspnoea, want of air-oxygen, pain may radiates to left arm, Cardiac Neuralgia. In Chronic, repeated Anginal pains, Weakness of Cardiac musculature, Suffocation, dyspnoea with Feeble Pulse and low blood pressure.


Composition : Aconite 3x, Cactus G. 3x, Digitalis 3x. Dosage : Adults 2 tab. 3-4 times daily. Disease : LOW BLOOD-PRESSSURE Symptoms : Palpitation of heart with great anxiety. Shooting pain in the region of heart when moving or going upstairs, oppressed breathing, attacks of heart when moving or going upstairs, oppressed breathing, attacks of fainting. Pulse full, stronghard. slow and feeble, thread like with anxiety. Palpitation with slow pulse, irregular and intermittent pulse. Dull, uneasiness in various parts of heart region with sensation of weakness to forearm even at rest, shifting of pain in heart. Heart weak, sitting up in bed has caused fatal Syncope, frightful stitches in the region of heart, coming in every fifteen minutes, lasting only five or six seconds, Cyanosis, heart compressed, squeezed by hand. Acute pain, palpitation of heart, day and night palpitation, irregular beats from slightest movement or excitement with deep inspiration, pain in apex of the heart, shooting down to left arm and to ends of fingers. Dyspnoea, enlarged Ventricle, Endocardial murmur.




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