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Composition :  Bryonia Alba Q, Ipecacuanha Q, Sambuccus Nigra Q, Senega Q, Justicia Adhatoda Q, Aspidosperma Q, Iodium 3x, Hydrastis canadensis Q, Excipients QS Dosage : Adult 5 to 10ml and children 2 to 5ml twice daily or as prescribed by the physician Indications : Dry Asthmatic Cough, Suffocative Cough, Want of Breath, Dyspnoea, Hoarseness, Laryngitis

White Gel

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Composition : Petroleum Q, HPI, 5% v/w , Gel base.                               Quantity Specification: Quick Absorption, Deep penetration, Non-staining. Symptoms: HSL White Gel is an effective homeopathic remedy for eczema and dry skin indicated for dry chapped skin, cracking of soles and palm. It has quick action, deep penetration and better absorption. Indications : For External use on dry, rough and cracked skin, occurring in winters. The skin feels harsh to touch. White Gel is the ideal Homeopathic preparation for dry skin in winter season and is of great help in restoring the normal texture of skin. White Gel also gives excellent results in persons who have cracks due to extremely dry skin. The skin is sensitive and rough to touch. The cracks can be deep enough to cause even bleeding.



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