Quick Homeopathic Remedy for Stomach and Digestion Problems – Digesto


Everyone experiences stomach and digestive problems. Sometimes the stomach pain lasts for a short time, but sometimes the discomfort continues for a longer period of time. Stomach and digestive problems indicate that something is naturally out of whack and the body needs immediate help. There is a lot of stomach pain and digestive problems that make life activities difficult, which is also embarrassing.

In fact, homeopathy has a cure for stomach and digestive problems. Natural homeopathic remedies for stomach and digestive problems help to get rid of stomach problems and even eliminate the root cause of digestive disorders. Homeopathic treatment is very safe and has long-term benefits.

Digesto for stomach and digestion problems with heartburn and acidity

Homeopathic medicine Digesto is an effective treatment for indigestion if the patient complains of heartburn and belching causing burning in the throat as well as acid vomiting. Digesto is recommended by Doctors for homeopathic treatment of heartburn and belching. It contains Nux Vomica which is a homeopathic remedy for acidity caused by eating spicy food, coffee or alcoholic beverages.

Digesto for stomach pain

Homeopathic medicines are generally used mostly for the treatment of cramping kind of stomach pains. Homeopathic medicine Digesto is good for stomach pain of several kinds like cutting, sharp, cramping or even shooting pains. Nux Vomica is the Homeopathic medicine recommended if the stomach pain is relieved after passing stool.

Digesto for gas in one’s abdomen

Homeopathic Remedies Carbo Veg and Lycopodium are natural remedies for indigestion that are quite effective in treating stomach gas. These homeopathic medicines are in Digesto. Carbo Veg is the best homeopathic remedy when there is gas in the upper abdomen and belching can help. Lycopodium is also a homeopathic remedy for lower abdominal gas. Digesto comprises all necessary homeopathic medicines that give good results when the stomach is full of gas and bloating.

Digesto for treatment of nausea

Digesto is the best homeopathic medicine that can be used by all patients who want to have the feeling of nausea associated with any stomach problem.

Digesto for constipation

The homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba can be used to treat constipation where the stool is very hard and dry. The homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica gives excellent results if the person has frequent bowel movements, but stools are also scanty and unsatisfactory. And for those patients who really do not want to have a bowel movement for several days, the aluminum oxide homeopathic remedy is very helpful.

Digesto for pain in head due to gas

Carbo Veg is the best natural homeopathic remedy for headaches caused by excess gas in the stomach. The abdomen is swollen and tense, flatulence. Burping is somewhat relieved. Carbo Veg can be used to relieve gas headaches.

Digesto Syrup is a homeopathic antacid and digestive tonic indicated for indigestion, gastric disorders, acidic belching, flatulence, hyperacidity, constipation, burning in the chest and stomach, chronic tendency to irregular bowel movements, bloating even after eating small amounts of food, loss of appetite with apathy for food, loud belching of acidic water in the mouth (rash).

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