All these medicines are over the counter medicines and no prescription is necessary for them, although treatment under a homoeopathic physician is always recommended.

Yes, homoeopathic medicines are safe for consumption in recommended therapeutic doses.

Mother Tinctures are drug alcoholic extract generally having 1 gm. in 10ml of the tincture from the herbs, animal or mineral sources as per pharmacopeia fixed formulations. Dilutions are single remedies used in classical homeopathy. Dilutions are potentized preparations prepared by Mother Tinctures.

Yes, if the indicated problem is same, but the dosage differs as per the age.

No need to panic, just give him/her a strong cup of coffee and lots of fluids. Look out for any unwanted symptoms, if any, consult a homoeopathic physician.

While specialty products are specially designed for particular problems. Single remedies of homeopathy like dilutions, mother tinctures etc. can be used for multiple problems based on individual symptoms.

Ayurveda is thousands of year old health system from India. Homeopathy was invented by Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann from Germany. The Homoeopathic system is based on micro-dilutions in form of remedies which are used to cure various diseases.

Not many precautions are required while taking homoeopathic medicines but it is better to take the medicines on empty stomach with some water.

We suggest that you should consult a homeopath for the same.

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