Haslab Launches Homeopathy Healthcare Mobile Application in Collaboration with 3EA

Mumbai: With the pandemic on all of our minds, more and more attention has been placed on personal healthcare. To meet people’s increasing needs for reliable services, the healthcare industry has been looking for innovative ways to use its resources more effectively. Recently, Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (India) Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as Haslab, a leading homeopathy brand in India, launched its health and wellness mobile application – Dr. Haslab hoping to better serve patients as we all head into a new, digital, and sometimes socially-distanced future.

Haslab, is a GMP certified company and was established in 1962 by Dr. K.B. Rastogi with an aim of promoting homeopathy among the masses and providing benefits of this proven science to mankind. In its continuous perseverance to serve mankind, Haslab has also been recognized by Economic Times as an Iconic Brand for the year 2019-20 along with other successful brands of Indian origin.
With its current patient base in millions, Haslab in collaboration with 3EA, a management consulting group, felt the need for patient engagement outside of a traditional care setting during COVID-19. Before the pandemic, India’s public healthcare system was already feeling the pressure due to factors that include an aging and growing population. With COVID-19, everyone was quick to understand that one bad wave could send the healthcare system into overdrive. The mobile application, thus, comes amid an expansion of digital health technologies and increasing efforts by medical practitioners to extend patient experience and loyalty beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

On the occasion of the release, Amit Rastogi, Director – Haslab took the opportunity to present the benefits of technology and innovation. “Online medical appointments and check-ups via smartphone are only just the beginning for health technology in India, with the industry set to be worth more than $91.9 billion by 2026. COVID-19 has firmly established the need for digital health infrastructure and practice of this can prevent transmission of infectious diseases reducing the risk to both doctors and patients by avoiding social contact. The mobile application is based on the concept of ‘Health Care by Homeopathy’ and ensure that people ‘Live Life without side effects,” said Amit Rastogi. 
As per the research conducted by 3EA, there has been a significant increase in health awareness and fitness among the masses in the post-COVID-19 world as compared to the pre-COVID-19 world. Haslab with its tagline “Live Life Without Side Effects” is uniquely positioned to serve the masses with personalized healthcare content and telemedicine support. Homeopathy has been repeatedly used during different epidemics to improve immunity. In fact, the phrase, ‘genus epidemicus’ was coined by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, to indicate the remedy which could serve as a prophylactic during epidemics. Dr. Hahnemann treated and advised prophylaxis during a scarlet fever epidemic and those treated with homeopathy were known to have had significantly increased chances of survival at that time. 

With its experienced team of highly qualified doctors and a homeopathic assortment of over a hundred medicines like Eye drops, Syrups, Homoeopathic Complex tablets, Mother tinctures, dilutions, ointments, gels, and Biochemic combinations from 1 – 48, Haslab, is leveraging technology to spread awareness and making homeopathy a preferred choice for all healthcare needs because of its gentle care and safety standards. “Each and every homeopathy drug has its own range of action and application. So, it is always wise and amr lot safer to consult a homeopathy doctor for the same,” said Amit Rastogi.

With people avoiding visiting market places and preferring to stay indoors due to COVID-19, the online or e-commerce market for healthcare, especially supplies and medicines, is seeing significant growth. Dr. Haslab mobile application will cater to the ever-increasing demand of homeopathy medicine with an easy-to-use interface and doorstep delivery and will make the communication between doctors and patients better and more convenient during COVID-19 times. 

“The launch of the new app is part of our long-term plan, but the pandemic gave us the opportunity to accelerate the development process and drive our teams to explore new services that directly meet the evolving needs of our patients. Convenience is one of the factors that prompt patients to use this service. However, it can also address the public’s need for safer yet more efficient services, as they would rather avoid visiting healthcare facilities during this time or may have certain symptoms that would make video consultation services preferable to coming in for an appointment,” said Amit Rastogi. 

Aimed at making healthcare access easier and safer without compromising on quality, efficiency, or reliability of services, Dr. Haslab offers a wide range of healthcare services, including e-booking for general practitioner consultations and getting all homeopathic medicines at a single place. Through this application, Haslab wishes to fill the gap in the last-mile healthcare services. This mobile application, conceptualized by 3EA, has been specially developed to ensure that it becomes a one-stop solution for all the healthcare needs and provides a convenient online shopping experience to the patients. Haslab, with better manufacturing and distribution systems in place and a newly launched app, is set to embark on a mission to create a benchmark for the homeopathy industry and creating sustainable healthcare and wellness solutions for One and All.

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