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Prepared from traces of animal, plant, mineral and other natural substances by the method of Potentisation, Homeopathic medicines help in combating ailments thus, assuring the absence of toxicity.

Homeopathy in India

Homeopathy is a distinct medical specialty being practiced across the world. It is a recognized medical system in India through the Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973. The system has blended well into the ethos and traditions of the country that it has been recognized as one of the national systems of medicine and today around 10% of India’s population—more than 100 million people—depend solely on homoeopathy for their health care, according to the Indian government.

Samuel Hahnemann – Father of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was developed in the late 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann, a respected doctor in Germany who believed that “like cures like” and that minute concentrations of a particular toxin could cure the very same symptoms it would cause in larger doses.

Principle of Homoeopathy

Dr.Hahnemann clarified his principle for homoeopathy: Likes fixes Likes, which means, what a substance is fit for causing, it is fit for relieving. By this we comprehend that substances which deliver a lot of side effects in a sound individual can treat a debilitated person who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms.
For instance, when you chop onions, you have watery eyes, a runny nose, you wheeze, hack and every last bit of it occurs due to exposure to the tuber’s active substances. The homoeopathic cure, Allium Cepa, produced using red onion, can help beat a cold or allergy in which one may have comparable side effects i.e. watery eyes, runny nose, sniffling, hacking, or throat aggravation.

What Makes Homeopathy the Best?

The practice of Homeopathy is based on nature’s principle of Cure, and it is the only process medication which is free of side-effects.
To instil the confidence of people in us and to promote a life which is side effect free, we have curated a list of important reasons that make HOMEOPATHY the best choice over any other medication process.
1: problems and several chronic long term diseases.
2: Effectiveness on certain clinical conditions for which there is less treatment in other medical systems.
3: Used as a standalone treatment for various women and children diseases, hormonal disorders, pain and palliative care, infertility  and so on
4: Also  used  as an adjunct/ adjuvant in Cancer, COPD, Diabetes and its complications. In preventive  care, Homeopathic medicines are used on  a unique concept of Genus epidemicus.
5: Strength lies in its constitutional and anti-miasmatic approach

Facts and Myths

Myth: Homeopathy is an unproven medical science.
Fact: Homeopathy is a proven medical science based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data. Every year clinical studies, research experiments and conferences are conducted across the globe for homeopathy hence it’s completely practical and relevant.
Myth: Homoeopathic medicines are only sugar pills and have no medicinal value as such.
Fact: White sugar pills act as vehicles or carriers for the medicines, which are alcohol based which can otherwise be taken directly or dissolved water.
Myth: Homoeopathy is slow.
Fact: Homoeopathy is fast acting in acute cases of infections, fever, cold etc. Unfortunately, people tend to go to a homoeopath only when the acute problem becomes chronic hence it takes longer to treat. Also, most people take recourse in homoeopathy for example in arthritis, allergic asthma or skin conditions etc., which also accounts to longer time to treat compared to any other system of medicines.
Myth: Homoeopathy can treat any disorder.
Fact: Homoeopathy also has limitations similar to other medication for example it can’t treat cases where surgery is unavoidable, dental cases, etc.
Myth : Homoeopathic doctors are not professionals.
Fact: Only qualified doctors practice Homoeopathy and to help that in India, there are over 180 medical colleges, which offer degree and post-graduate studies in Homoeopathy. At present, there are over 2 lakh registered homoeopaths in the country with an annual addition of 12,000 doctors.
Myth: Homoeopathic treatment requires strict dietary restrictions.
Fact: Some patients are asked to avoid onions, garlic, coffee, tea, alcohol etc. as they interfere with the action of certain homoeopathic medicines.
Myth: Homoeopathy is only for chronic ailment. It is not effective in acute diseases
Fact: Except few medical emergencies which requires immediate hospitalization and specialty care, homoeopathy can treat acute cases like fever, cold, vomiting, diarrhea etc. effectively with instant relief
Myth: Homoeopathy medicines are placebos
Fact: Homoeopathy medicines undergo a process called potentization in which ultra-dilution is prepared with dynamic conversion of crude drug substances. Most of the time controversy comes about the ultra-dilution beyond Avogadro number, but those dilutions clinically proven on human beings.
Myth: Homoeopathy medicines contains steroids and heavy metals
Fact: In homoeopathy, all the source materials undergo a process of potentization and trituration. Also Homoeopathic manufacturing facilities have strict standardization and quality control systems to ensure the purity of medicine.
Myth: Homoeopathy can’t be used with other conventional mode of medicines
Fact: Around 60% of patients who approach homoeopathy will be already taking some or other medicines for different ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, and IHD; so it is not a constraint to use conventional medicines along with homoeopathy.
Myth: Homoeopathy is alternative for surgical conditions
Fact: Homoeopathy is not always an alternative for surgical conditions. It has its own scope and limitations
Myth: Self-medication in homoeopathy in harmless
Fact: Each and every homoeopathy drug has its own range of action and application. So it is always wise and a lot safer to consult a homoeopathy doctor for the same.



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